Types of free slot spins

Slots are, no doubts, one of the most popular games on nearly every online casino platform. A majority of online casino websites or mobile casino apps host, nevertheless, all the types of slotting games.

For example, you can play Immersive 5-Reel Video Slots, Progressive Jackpot Slots, Classic 3-real slots, and not to forget to mention the free spins or bonus round slots.

Most online casinos focus on providing free spins to their users (gamblers in this case) in order to attract and draw as many new players as they can.

Free spin as the name goes, it is yet another type of slot machine game that can be played in either online casino website or even on land-based local casino provided that they support this type of spinning game.

The best part is, you don’t have to pay, wager or invest a single penny on free spins because they are completely free of cost. This deal is definitely one of the best things to look for when it comes to winning rewards and jackpots without the risk of a lump sum amount of money.

But are you playing the wrong type of free spins? If yes, then before that, take a look at some of the most common and existing types of free slot spins.


One should know that all the above-given type of free slot machine spin games works the same as that of the paid real-money slots. And most importantly, there is not much difference between them.

But, the type of deals that you will probably find in them vary from each other depending upon the needs as well as requirements in order to get the free spins.

You can see the types of free slot spins below.

  • No Deposit Free Spins

Most of the online casino and even the offline casino requires the player to qualify for playing free spins. Most commonly, this slot gambling venue will ask for deposits to qualify and start playing free of cost slot spins.

But no deposit Free Spins or free spin no deposits are different from the above mentioned and that they do not require any type of deposit. This means that in free spins, with no deposit, you can play free spins without a deposit.

The only need is that you have to get register on the online casino website where you wish to play these types of games.

  • Deposit Free Spins

Deposit Free Spins is completely different from that of the first one. A deposit free spin requires the gamblers to make a deposit in order to get qualified for free spins.

More or less, a deposit free slot spin also means that you will receive a specific amount of real money on deposit. For example, if you are rewarded by a casino in free spins 30$ for depositing 10$ or more.

  • Mega (super) spins

Some of the casino websites like free daily spins offer mega or super spins, which is worth more than any general free spin. Super spins are quite popular these days become they offer you even more money than any other type of deal.