How To Get Better At Football Betting

Before you place any bets this weekend, we’d like to share with you our 6 Top Football Betting in Singapore Tips to help you beat the bookies (as recommended by a variety of punting experts).

Secret Betting Club, a tipster tracking service, was used to compile each tip.

Bet your money with a solid risk-taking plan.

Nobody we know bets seriously and doesn’t have a staking scheme in place. It’s essential to stick to a sensible staking plan and stick to it – not least because it’ll help you ride out the inevitable losing streaks! It can also keep you in check if you get carried away during a winning streak. Remember that you can get carried away during a losing streak, just as you can during a winning streak.

Avoid placing bets for which the market has little value.

Another piece of sound advice is to look at the margins on any given book, and we recommend avoiding any bet on a market that doesn’t have at least a 97 percent book. You have to beat the bookies to break even though they take a significant cut.

Focus your attention away from the major markets.

The top teams in all of the major leagues are well-known, so the further down the football pyramid you go, the higher the chances of finding a value bet.

For this reason, many football tipping experts concentrate on lower leagues, with one of the best football minds we know betting solely on non-league football. Take, for example, top football tipster Jeremy Price, who only bets on the top five leagues because he sees value where the bookies don’t look.

Not a jack in all leagues, but a master of a few

It can also help you stay one step ahead of the bookies if you specialize your betting in just a few leagues (significantly lower leagues). Concentrate your efforts on one or two leagues and stick to them. Use club websites and forums to get to know each squad (great for getting ‘insider’ details on stuff like injuries and suspensions), and you’ll soon know more than the bookies! Christopher Silenos, a football tipster, has made a lot of money betting on the draw, a bet that most tipsters miss!

Before testing the odds, price your bet.

Many experts suggest that you price up a betting market yourself before looking at the real odds available before placing a football wager. This improves the chances of coming to an impartial conclusion. Try this through a league or game in which you are interested and see what stands out as a good value bet once the odds are checked!

Of course, if you don’t have time, Bet Advisor’s Senior and Junior tipsters will find the best deals for you!

Accumulators can only be used as ‘fun’ bets.

This last point is debatable, but in our experience, accumulators are low-value bets that should not be taken seriously. The bookies actively force them on punters for a reason: they rarely come in, and they only help boost their profits.

While the benefits of landing a major Acca are evident, don’t be fooled into believing they’re anything other than a bit of fun.