Catalog for bonuses for online casinos

One of the many things that online casinos are known for is their attractive bonuses, which help attract users and keep them enamored in their services. Incentives play the role of motivators and improve the gameplay experience by offering ways to play the best games without spending money and, in turn, helps increase winnings.

Moreover, to a new player, welcome bonuses are a significant uplifter that allows for a vaster majority of incoming users. At the same time, some bonuses can only be unlocked through codes and referral links.

About Bonus Codes

Like all codes, this consists of a string of numbers and letters, which unlocks a special deal for online players. These codes can be inputted at various times. One of them is before the initial signing up for account creation. Failure to input the code while doing so will result in the user not being able to achieve the special bonus. Secondly, a bonus code can also be used when depositing the online casino. Like the first method failing to do so after making a deposit, the bonus never appears.

Referral Links

Additionally, codes are not the only way to gain bonuses. Websites sometimes contract intermediaries, or here they are called Affiliates who are given the job of luring in potential betters using bonus codes as baits. As a reward, these affiliates get a commission. To bring in more affiliates, casinos offer second to none bonuses to them, sometimes almost double what regular players receive. Some websites host special links that direct players to the casino site and give them their reward. Contrary to codes, referral links do not require any input.

Where do we go looking for special bonuses?

Websites affiliated with casinos

These are websites that are associated with online casinos. They are used for endorsing online gambling sites while also providing unique opportunities, tips for betting as well as gambling news. They might even contain special links and codes that can be used at said casinos.

Parent websites for online gambling

At times, online casinos will contain these special bonus codes on their homepage, sort of like a welcome gift or even under the tab where promotions take place. Players can then go and redeem these codes for bonuses.

Furthermore, online casino websites like Dadu Online have a sort of loyalty program where they reward their faithful users by sending them links that give them bonuses through email or newsletters. There is another thing called free spins, which are reserved for the most loyal and top players. As the name suggests, it’s a free spin, and while new players might get welcome bonuses, they will not be able to avail these free spins.


To conclude we can say that bonuses are a great kick-starter for the online gambling journey for new players boosting winnings. However, there is a specific craft in getting more rewards. Gathering information, ensuring you are signed up for the loyalty programs are a few ways to increase earnings.