January 30, 2021
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  • Avail Vivid Idea About Various Types Of Chips Used In Poker

Avail Vivid Idea About Various Types Of Chips Used In Poker

  • by Edward Duncan
  • 3 Years ago
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Poker is a game that has many variants. These games can be played in physical casinos or online casinos like evodomino. In the case of physical casinos, they do not allow the players to use direct cash. People have to purchase chips and then they can use them to place bets. Chips are also used in online casinos but players cannot touch them. In this article, we will discuss different types of chips used in poker.

Plastic Supermarket Chips

The quality of these chips is very low and they are the best for children. These chips can be used to play poker games that are played only for fun. The chips are not suitable for serious games. Many brands make this type of chip. The cost of these chips is also very low. The edges of the chips consist of ridges and that is the reason that these chips can be stacked and stored easily.

Plastic Super Diamond Chips

The weight of these chips is a little higher than supermarket chips. These chips are good for playing serious poker games. Usually, people purchase these chips for practicing different poker games so that they can become aware of the rules and become expert players. These chips are affordable and are available only in a single color.

ABS Suited or Diced Chips

These chips are very common and they have the design of wither any suit of the cards or dice. These chips are great for playing home games and are of high quality in comparison to plastic chips. The chips consist of a metal in the center that increases its weight a little. The chips are slippery so stacking and storing them is a little difficult.

Mid-Range Plastic Chips

The making of these types of chips is different from other types of plastic chips. That is the reason they give a soft feeling when touched. The chips are of good quality and do not slip. They can be stacked and stored easily. The buyers also have the option of customizing these chips. The look of these chips is not good but still, people use them in home games.

Faux Clay Chips

These chips are available at an affordable price and they also give a good feeling when touched. The look of these chips is similar to plastic super diamond chips but their glow is more. Players can shuffle the chips easily daring the games. These chips are not easily available in the market because better and more inexpensive chips are available in the market in comparison to these chips.

Injection Molded

These chips are made with plastic but the quality of this plastic is very high. These chips are easily available in the market and are used in playing home games. The chips are slippery. The price of these chips is in mid-range.

Ceramic Chips

These chips are available in non-casino and casino grade. The chips of both grades are available at a mid-range price. These chips are made from ceramic and are easily available.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the chips that can be used to play home as well as casino games. Some of these chips are of high quality and are available at a mid-range price. Chips are used in physical as well as online casinos like evodomino.

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