Online Betting Solutions for the Sports

Take a random match on the offer of your online betting site and determine the likelihood of an event occurring. For this, you will need to do a complete analysis of the meeting. Then, you will determine yourself, based on the elements you have in your possession, if the bookmaker has adjusted its odds. And if you are in the presence of a value bet.

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The calendar

When analyzing the frequency of meetings and the importance of these matches for a team, is a fundamental aspect that you must take into account. This is particularly true in the NBA regular season where games and distant trips can be linked for a team.

Also in football, a team which has played in the European Cup will probably be more tired the following weekend than a team which does not participate.

Conversely, the upcoming calendar may encourage a team to drop a championship match to devote itself to a future cup match. We can therefore see that consulting upcoming matches is more than useful before betting.

The competition itself

It is important to be aware of the competition in which the match takes place. In football, for example, you will not do the same analysis for a championship match and a cup match.

  • For a cup match, the analysis of the results of each team in the league will not bring you anything. In this case, you should rather pay attention to the news of each team and their degree of motivation.
  • Another example concerns tennis when players change playing surface. Indeed, it should be known that in tennis a player will never have the same performance on all surfaces. You should therefore bet on a player only if he is comfortable on the surface on which the match is being played.
  • Generally speaking, betting on tennis will require you to have perfect knowledge of the sport and the specificities of each player on each surface. In short, being a good tennis tipster cannot be improvised.

Only bet what you know

We just spoke about tennis tipsters who to be good have to be sharp in their field. The ideal for you is to specialize in a sport and in a few specific competitions, in those that you master well. Indeed the more you will follow a discipline or a competition, the more you will accumulate knowledge about it.