Will Jesus Luzardo win the AL CY Young award?

In this article, we are going to discuss will Jesus Luzardo win the AL CY young player award. Also, we are going to discuss when and how was MLB founded early on.

When and how was MLB founded?

During 1860 the soldiers who were in the war were the ones playing basketball during the Civil War. The New York-style baseball game was then founded, and it was expanded into a national game. Then there was the creation of the National Association of Base Ball Players (NABBP). This was an amateur league that has lasted for nearly 12 years in the market.

By the year 1867, there were already 400 baseball clubs members of this association. Most of the strongest clubs with great players were still staying in North Eastern US. Then in the year 1869, the first professional baseball team was made called Cincinnati Red Stockings.

There was a fight between the professional and the amateur clubs about the teams. Then due to this fight, the NABBP split into two sections the amateurs and the professionals. After this separation was the creation of the National Association in the year (1871).

In the year 1876, they had to close the NA because it was mentioned as Ineffective. So that is why they had created the National League (NL) in the year 1876. This National League was more focused on making clubs than single players. So they were asking the clubs to hire and recruit new players for them to play.

The clubs were now required to make the teams and also hold leagues or matches between them. Then in the year 1882, they created the American Association (AL), which also failed after some time. After which, they decided to make the American League (AL) in the year 1891. Now, these two leagues used to face off each other to see who is better in both.

Will Jesus Luzardo win the AL CY young player award?

According to the bets going on in the MLB predictions market, they are focusing on the winner of AL young. The name which is coming to the mind of people is Jesus Luzardo that is because of his outstanding performance.

Jesus is a 23-year-old and has handled over 59 innings for the Oakland Athletics in 2020. He has a 4.12 ERA and is a hard hitter, and finished with a 38 percentile with average exit velocity. We cannot say that it was a bad season for Luzardo as he was dominating and trying hard. He was a good and major player in the minor league, so people had high hopes for him.

Luzardo had a disappointing match in 2020. As of 17 hitters, he struck out 59. He has a speedball record of 95.5 mph and known how to curveball and changeup, which he learned. Any pitches with this kind of technique and combination are sure to win the AL CY young player award. The decision about the young player award is yet to be taken in the AL due to some delays.