What is Pragmatic 88 – Everything you need to know

As a gambler, you must be familiar with pragmatic 88 online casinos very much. Due to the increasing popularity and craze amongst a new generation of gamblers, almost everyone has heard about online casinos.

Online casino is the computerized version of land-based casino games. The casino games on the internet available for gambling are made possible by casino mobile apps and websites hosting such games.

If you have ever played slot games on any good and recognized online casino, you must have come across the term “pragmatic 88”. So, what does that even mean?

What is Pragmatic 88?

To understand what is pragmatic 88, you should first know what casino developers are.

Basically, casino developers are the software developers of online casino platforms who program and develop your favourite casino sites to make online gambling possible. Pragmatic 88 is one of the most popular casino developers out there that builds full-fledged casino gaming.

It is the largest international software developer that offers a wide range of slot online games.

History of Pragmatic play

The pragmatic play was founded around 13 years ago in the year 2007. It was known as “TopGame”, which later became a Pragmatic play.

At first, the company had only one casino game that was downloaded from its original site. But since its slow beginning, this software company

As time passed by, the casino developer provided various opportunities to players for playing casino games with different currencies depending upon the location.

Currently, the company launch a new game every year with extra features to improve the experience of gamblers.

Why Pragmatic 88?

As mentioned earlier, there are a bunch of popular developers who offer various casino games online. But why should gamblers consider playing at the pragmatic 88 sites? There are multiple answers to it.

Firstly, this casino developer is trusted by millions of gamblers from all over the world. Their developed casino games are usually made with quality. And you can tell that by looking at the visual experience a gambler derives while playing their games.

Those were just some of the features the software company provides to its users. take a look at more of them below…


  • Multiple device support:

A majority of gamblers play online casino games either on mobile devices or tablets. And the rest of them gamble on a computer device or a desktop.

Smartphone has become the primary device for many players to access the digital casino. However, not all casino developers offer multi-device support. This is where you can count on the pragmatic play because their software is device compatible.

  • Better winning chance:

The RTP rate on pragmatic 88 games is usually better than any other casino developer. This is because the winning rate is higher, and the returns or payouts are comparatively better. What that means is you can gain a good amount of returns on investments once you hit the jackpot.

  • Variety of games:

The developer is known to provide thousands of slot casino games of different types and themes. You can enjoy your favourite Judi slot game only on Pragmatic 88!