What is bonus buy slots and their different features?

In this article, we are going to talk about what are bonus buy slots and its feature used by different casinos. Also, we will talk about slot online Indonesia and also when was the first-ever slot machine game made.

What is a slot online in Indonesia?

This is a slot game that is used to play in Indonesia and also can be played in any country. They offer you a high chance of winning and also a high amount of returns on your deposit. Mostly the player who comes to these slots is from Asia and its neighbouring countries. So they accept mostly Asian currencies and also the US, Canadian dollars for payment. That is because some international players also visit these slots, so they need a payment option.

The first-ever slot game machine was created back in the year 1891 in New York City. After which it got famous and was ordered and used worldwide by many players.

What is a bonus buy slot?

Bonus buy or purchase in slot allow you to purchase yourself away into the bonus round. This is a feature that is good and used commonly with high volatility casinos that offer good returns. As you can just simply use the bonus slot feature and try to double, you’re winning without any restriction. This is not a necessary thing to do, and you also don’t have to wait for 100 rounds to buy this feature.

You can pay at any time you want and get the bonus buy slot feature to yourself. When you use this feature, it automatically triggers a score multiplier which at the end gives you a bonus.

Why are these slots famous?

These are good for those players who want to close their play forcefully, so they want to boost their score. This will help them to multiply their score and help them to earn more money. This is a unique option that is used mainly by Big Time Gaming Company in their slots.

You can do this feature either by collecting coins from the reels which you got, or you can buy them directly.

Different casinos that use this feature

Here is the list of some casinos that use this kind of bonus but slot feature.

  •  Extra chili Megaway

Big Time Gaming decided to make and released this game in the year 2018. They also decided to make a new feature where players can instantly multiply their score. If you use this on a regular slot or bonus, but you can use your free spin and also score multiplier.

  •  Viking unleashed

This is a new slot that has a theme and symbols of reels according to the Viking theme. This slot will give you an option of a free spin either by earning or by buying this feature. There is also a thing that if you buy the bonus slot feature, then here, the score multiplier will become zero. Also, there are many updates and different new things which are on their way for this slot game.