In the UK gambling problem is a serious socio-economic issue

You may have seen the Gam Stop logo in UK jurisdiction online casinos. But few gamblers know the meaning of this symbol. Gam stop is a free online service dedicated to fighting for players` safety and gambling addiction. The GamStop UK feature allows you to control, set your deposit limit, gaming session on gambling websites. This self-exclusion feature is very helpful for people who are suffering from a gambling problem. This is not a perfect solution to eradicate gambling addiction but an endeavor toward it. 

Know about GamStop online self-exclusion program

In the UK gambling problem is a serious socio-economic issue; many societal and government organizations are trying to fight this public hazard. The easy accessibility and popularity of sports betting portals and online casinos are drawing thousands of new customers annually. As more people start playing casino games, this issue spreads like wildfire. 

The UK gambling rules clearly define the limitations and privileges of both territorial and online casinos. Despite these stringent rules, few recommended actions are taken to redress the gambling problem. In this chaos, many humanitarian and private organizations play a pivotal role to fight against gambling addiction. There are many rehabilitation websites and land-based centers where one can seek assistance to wage war against this social issue.  

One of the leading organizational aids is the GamStop online self-exclusion program; the service is free. This feature empowers a player to restrict access to the gambling portal and predetermine the bankroll for future gaming sessions. The program was launched in 2018 April, and many trustworthy casino websites like 918kiss afflicted to this curriculum. In spite of the growing popularity and multiple benefits, many casinos have not incorporated this feature in their service. 

Many gamblers try to find a way that would support their fight against problem gambling. Unfortunately, many players are not aware of the self-exclusion program and how it functions. On their website, one can find clear instructions about the functionality of the self-exclusion program. The salient feature of the free online self-exclusion program is to restrain and restrict online gaming activities. GameStop program was commenced by Remote Gambling Association and managed by the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited.

 After sign in, a player can access the chief features such as depositing limit, self-exclusion for a specific period, parental control, and account safety. One can toggle daily, weekly, monthly betting deposit limit, set a self-exclusion period which could range from six months, one year, to five years. Reality check shows the gaming history of the punter. Parental control denies underage access to the gambling website.