Explore the Most Advanced Game Technology and Playing Devices

There are different online games that are being played throughout the world. It is very popular in clubs or even on the Internet.  To make this game successful, players not only depend on their luck. They consider using playing cards cheating devices with excellent quality.

It is widely used for most card game lovers where it plays a significant role to win the game.

Playing cards cheating devices are comprised of various advanced equipment. You can visit www.cards999.com for more amazing game stuff. They have different attractive brands of cards marked by their professional printer. So reliable that it can’t be detected by naked eyes. Only if you will use special game cheating contact lenses or marked cards glasses.

Alt: marked poker cards with invisible ink

What are their Main Products?

  1. Marked Deck- is a deck of cards with secretive marks on each card. It is used in card and mentalism tricks mostly by magicians. This will allow you to read the identity of the cards by looking at the back of them. Playing cards printed with luminous ink is used in a game, also in magic tricks. A lot of card players depend on these marked deck cards for it increases the chances of winning.
  2. AKK game analyzer system- also called All-in-one. This device is a kind of playing cards cheating tool. AKK K5 analyzer is the latest and high accurate game analyzer in the market. It is multifunctional and also looks fashionable. This new analyzer has upgraded the effect way better, 5-6 times than the old version. A wireless remote controller can be used to change the number of players. As long as it is 5 meters and can remote control to read the next coming cards. The analyzer and the camera are already on one device since it has a built-in scanning camera. It is fitted for all card games.
  3. Luminous invisible ink marked cards magic- is the best trick for marked card magic. Luminous ink card is grouped into 2 kinds. The contact lenses marked cards ink and infrared marked cards ink.
  4. iPhone power case card scanner maker- can be used to charge the battery of the cellphone. And most importantly to scan marked cards to cheat. It is a smart idea for people who love playing card games to take their power case. Also, the scanner camera has different signal frequencies.

Some of the requirements that this game scanner can meet:

  • Multiple functions- Whatever old or new analyzer system, it worked perfectly. Has different signal frequencies.
  • Big scanning range- this card game scanner can work in short distances (8-40 cm) or long distances (50-100 cm).
  • It is safe as a normal phone charger- can be used for charging the real iPhone. Also, work like a normal mobile power bank.
  1. Marked cards and a Far-infrared camera- all marked cards can be seen by this special camera. It is also called a one-to-one infrared camera. The wavelength span of infrared is very wide.

There a lot of products and devices available anywhere. You only need to be extra careful about choosing and make sure the source is reliable.