Variants of Slingo Games

  • Slingo Riches was the first real money Slingo game. Here, players didn’t have to match up numbers on the reels with ones on the grid. They would happen themselves as they were automated to do so. One could, however, choose where jokers and super jokers are used. Usually, the super jokers come first.
  • Slingo REEL Riches is a refashioned version of Slingo Riches. Many other refashioned versions of the Slingo Riches were made as it was not only popular but also a risky game with few chances of winning of about only 10 to 20 per cent. This risk is always mentioned when playing the refashioned game.
  • Slingo EXTREME was the second real money Slingo game that people had to pay to play. This game was so popular that it prompted a new version of itself, the Slingo XXXTREME.
  • Slingo XXXTREME is a remake of Slingo EXTREME, which had a few tweaks made to it to make it even an even more, higher variance version. It became more popular with the crowd than it was before.
  • Deal or No Deal Slingo Games are based on the famous Endemol TV program that rolled out in the spring of 2016. There is absolutely no limit to the number of spins one can buy in this game. However, to win, one, two or even three Slingos is not enough. The player needs to get four Slingos, then the banker’s offer comes into play. The player can accept it or spin again.
  • Slingo Fortunes is just like the Deal or No Deal Slingo Game. The gameplay is the same, but without the Deal or No Deal theme. The boxes are replaced by red envelopes.
  • Rainbow Riches Slingo is themed on the popular Rainbow Slot machine games. Like the Deal or No Deal Slingo, it also has unlimited spins the player can pay for. The player should win five Slingos in order to win anything at all. However, the game has a slightly higher RTP ratio asking it easier to win. The prices may have bonus rounds where the player can get a multiplier for their initial price. The Top price in a bonus round is a 1000× bonus.
  • Britain’s Got Talent Slingo was created to take after Britain’s Got Talent Slot games and was designed as a Slingo Skin. The popularity of these slot machines encouraged a Slingo version of it.
  • Slingo Showdown adds a mix of poker to the game! Yes, that’s right! What a combination of games this makes. A 5 × 5 grip of playing cards is used here rather than numbers. No reels are used here, but instead, the player is dealt a hand of five cards at a time from the same deck. Regardless of how the cards appear in the player’s hand, these cards are matched off anywhere against the board. To win, the player needs to be dealt a good hand. If the player gets four Slingos, they gain a multiplier to their price.