How a slot machine works – what you need to know?

Before link joker123 casino game, try to take a quick look at the instructions. Each game has its peculiarity. To avoid just pressing buttons, watching your money run out without understanding why, click on terms and conditions/help. These are details that let you know which image is the wildcard, how much you pay for each repeated figure, what is the bonus, what “reel” they appear in and where you have to look when the bonus appears, etc.

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Adjust the volume

It is not important, but it makes the game more fun. The machines are themed and many of them have drawings, characters from series and famous musicals.

Start the game

Did you decide to play? Then put your card in the machine and wait for your identification. Your name will appear on the screen. Then, insert the money or the chip into the machine.

Place your bet

Each piece of equipment has a minimum stake, but there is no maximum stake. The minimum bet can be 1 cent. Once you have defined the amount you want to bet in joker388 casino, you must select the betting variables. When you bet the minimum, you spend more time playing.

Pull the lever

There are machines that have a lever on the side. It makes no difference to spin hard or soft. It is a computer that spins, it is not mechanical. There are machines with a touch screen. There are machines that illuminate the keys with the combinations that you can bet according to the amount you have entered in the machine.

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When leaving the machine

When you decide to leave or change the machine, just press “charge” and receive a voucher in the equivalent amount. It may be greater than what you entered, it may be less. In general, the machines emulate the sound of dozens of pennies falling when printing the money order.

Exchange vouchers

If the voucher is damaged, you can exchange it. If it’s lost, it’s gone. If you earn money, exchange the voucher as soon as possible. It is easier to burn a paper than to spend cash on hand.

Forget the invoice

In the casino there is no proof of expenditure and you do not need to present any documents to change money or play without a loyalty card.

Choose your machine

It is a myth that if you wait for a person who has lost many times to leave you is more likely to win. Usually there is a queue in some machines and others can be abandoned. It may be because the equipment is new. It may be because the more experienced ones consider that machine to be in a good day.

Make no mistake

Bonuses are the name of the machine. When it is pressed a second time, it stops rotating. If you don’t tighten, in a few seconds the machine will do it for you. The prize does not come out automatically. “Game over” appears every time you bet, even if you win. Lower values ​​guarantee more bets. Each “bet” is a bet.