Guilty as charged

Most people, including gamblers, are superstitious, but they don`t admit it.  Though in anxious moments, they have knocked wood or crossed fingers to void bad luck. At this moment, you may be feeling guilty as charged. Although numerous people are not die-hard superstitious, most cultures have fostered some credulous beliefs, particularly wagering in brick and mortar casinos. Unsurprisingly these customs have infiltrated to online casinos.

Men in red

There are some illustrious gambling superstitions all over the world. You may be amazed to know about these strange superstitions from various countries continuing for a long time. Invariably gamblers are one the most renowned sects of superstitious people, and there are hundreds of myths players believe. The spectrum of myths is extensive, starting from keeping physical objects, routines to adhering to a particular number or color. For example, Asian people believe red is the most powerful and lucky color when it comes to gambling. Chinese gamblers love to wear a red shoe, shirt or underwear while wagering, as they believe it is the charm for winning a jackpot. In Macau, there are some gambling rooms painted in red to elevate the good vibe.

Do not cross your leg.

Many players deem crossing your leg in a gambling table block the good charm, which otherwise was willing to embrace the gambler. On the contrary, a crossed finger can bring good luck while gambling in offline or online casinos, such as in pussy888 online casino.  Players believe if you walk through a casino’s main doorway, it brings evil omen, another interesting myth! There was a big lion placed at the main entrance at MGM Grand Casino entrance. Gamblers were compelled to walk through the jaws of the king of the forest. It was a scary experience for most of the players. The grand statue of the majestic animal is now replaced, but the custom of using the side entrance continues.

7th and 13th

Most card players avoid counting money on a casino table, assuming it will cause a huge loss. But some players think flaunting your money at a casino table is unprofessional and discourteous.  Many emotions are attached to numbers; seven and thirteen are the most loved and feared number accordingly. Western people always dreaded the number thirteen; this belief instigated from the Last Supper. There were thirteen members on the table; the last (the thirteenth) was Judas Iscariot, and he betrayed the Lord; Jesus Christ.