Do’s and Don’ts of Betting on Soccer Online

Singapore football betting is well-known worldwide with a lot of people actively looking for ways to bet on sports. Singaporean bettors have the choice of either betting through Singapore Pools or foreign sportsbooks to bet on popular events like the English Premier League. The attractiveness of online soccer betting is further amplified by the fact that it’s easy to get started on.

Despite being an easy activity, bettors should consider a few things when they bet online. 

What to do:

Financial management should become a bettor’s top priority. They should have a sense of responsibility for what amount they should spend. Neglecting one’s gambling budget can lead to financial ruin. That is why it is best to stay disciplined and have self-control when placing bets.

Research plays an essential role in finding the best league or sports event to place a bet onand who are the underdogs and the favourites. The game stats, goals scored, player offenses, and injury documentation are all records that can help bettors determine which sports team to bet on. 

What not to do: 

Betting emotionally is when a fan has an attachment to a particular sports team and only bets on them. As a result, they become depressed when their team loses. Many emotional bettors tend to place large bets on the team they favour which ultimately results in large losses.

Being emotional with losses can lead to bettors wanting to chase their losses since they’re due a win. Once a bettor thinks they can win back their losses with a few more bets, they’ll likely only continue to lose.


Sports betting can be fun yet lucrative. However, an individual should consider these few things before proceeding with wagering. If you are one of the rookie bettors trying to start their journey in online sports betting in Singapore, continue reading the infographic below about do’s and don’ts of soccer betting below by 88ProAsia:

Soccer Betting The Dos and Donts of Online Soccer Betting 01 1