February 11, 2022
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  • Blackjack strategy charts: How handy are they and why should you still apply common sense during a hand?

Blackjack strategy charts: How handy are they and why should you still apply common sense during a hand?

  • by Thomas Petitt
  • 2 Years ago
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Blackjack is a classic casino game which is as popular online as it has always been offline. Lots of people flock to iGaming platforms each day to enjoy what this game has to offer. With deep gameplay and a real sense of excitement, more and more people are falling in love with blackjack.

Due to the demand for the game, most online casino sites carry blackjack games. As one of the best NJ online casinos, Resorts Casino certainly does. If you fancy trying out some fair, fun blackjack titles, this site is the place to head to. One aspect of playing this casino classic you might have heard about are strategy charts.

But what are they and how useful are they to players?

What are blackjack strategy charts?

A good place to begin is simply looking at what blackjack strategy charts are. They are charts that can be found for free online, and which tell you how you should bet during a hand. Based on your cards and the dealer’s up card, these charts show the move to make which has the most chance of a win. It is worth noting that these charts are perfectly legal to use in casinos and especially useful when playing online blackjack.

How handy are strategy charts in blackjack?

The simple answer is that they do come in very handy, especially for less experienced players. If you are new to the game, it can be difficult to work out whether to stand or hit at times. Strategy charts remove this stress and give you clear guidance on what it is best to do next.

Even more experienced players enjoy using charts for guidance in a hand, instead of having to work it all out themselves. For all levels of player, these charts are also good for avoiding silly mistakes when deciding what to do in a hand.Blackjack charts are also easy to find and very simple to use. Both these elements adds to their effectiveness and makes them useful.

Is using your own common sense also valuable?

The truth is that you should still apply your own common sense when playing blackjack – even with strategy cards to help. There may be occasions, for example, when the card advises you to act in one way but your common sense is telling you something else. In these instances, you should think carefully about why you think the chart guidance could be ignored and if your own instinct has more chance of success. It is never a good idea to trust tools like this blindly and they should always be viewed as extra resources to help.

Blackjack strategy charts are worthwhile

As the above shows, these kinds of charts in blackjack are worth bothering one for a lot of players. While high-level players might not need them any longer, lots of other less-experienced gamers could find them invaluable. Just remember to use your own common sense too, and you will get the best of all worlds.

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