September 22, 2021

Advice for Texas Hold’em Beginners

  • by Edward Duncan
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Advice for Texas Hold’em Beginners

Understanding Luck

If you are to have any hope of winning long term, the understanding of luck is paramount. Whether it is against you or with you, if you are able to accept that over time it will even itself out, then you can stop it effecting your game. Even when it’s with you, it can actually hurt you. If you have just won three hands against the odds, you may think you’re unbeatable and chance your luck a fourth time. Unfortunately, your luck will always run out if you’re putting yourself in bad positions, and choosing to rely on luck.

Choose your spots

Simply playing the cards you are dealt is not going to cut it. The very first thing you should be doing when you take your seat is studying each opponent. How many chips do they have? What is their style of play? Who is playing well or poorly? Being able to gauge this, allows you to better predict what hand the opponent has. Ideally, you want to pit yourself against the weaker players more often than the stronger players, so appreciate when to make certain moves. Always avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable or weak position, even at a trusted online casino Malaysia.

Avoid chasing draws and know the hand rankings

A common mistake for a lot of players is overvaluing suited cards. You may be surprised to hear that a suited hand is only 2% stronger than not suited. This problem leads on to chasing draws too. Depending on how much your opponent is betting, sometimes you must fold your flush or straight draw. As hard as it may be. You may think that you only need one card and you are certain to win the hand. Which is probably true, but the odds of hitting the card is usually low. So you’re hoping luck bails you out.

If you’ve only just started playing, please ensure you know the hand rankings. Perhaps you’ve been lead to believe something that isn’t true in the past so knowing what beats what is crucial.

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